Bonneville Salt Flats

This was a place unlike any other. From the rest stop on Interstate 80, simply drive behind the restrooms and boom, you're on another planet. WARNING: If you proceed past this point, you will have to spend hours cleaning the undercarriage of your car to prevent it from rusting. But I promise it's worth it. With each step, it sounds like someone biting into a stale, saltine cracker. Marley (the dog) started inhaling the salt, confusing it for snow. We unloaded the KTM and Lindsey and I took turns buzzing around. I couldn't imagine attempting a land speed record on that surface (I wussed out around 60mph). But the landscape was so unique, so vast (40 square miles). I was obsessed with the textures and patterns created by the granules of salt. Throw in a smoking hot babe on a motorcycle and it made for a kick ass sunset shoot.