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"I’m in love with Zach Doleac’s photography. It isn’t just that the locations he shoots are jaw-droppingly beautiful (though of course they are), or that he makes the world feel incredibly vast and yet intimately accessible all at once (though he does that too), I think I love his photos most of all because of the unique way he’s able to capture moments of complete exultation.

Doleac’s photography marks the moment his subjects are soaring through the air, accomplishing great, dangerous feats, and conquering the world. He clicks the shutter right as the world feels at its most alive and brilliant, right at the moment when the million things that can go wrong, the countless doubts, and the fears melt away to leave nothing but pure, unadultered adrenaline-filled joy. It’s like mainlining LIFE.

I talked to Zach recently about his work and he filled me in on how he began traveling the world, taking pictures, and how his passion drives him to put his unique voice out in the world."  -Words by Allison Sanchez